About us

SASHA Aleksander Grekowicz firm was created in 1999 from passion for beautiful fabrics. Attention to detail and many years of experience makes our clients grow in number from year to year. We believe that almost 20 years of experience will help to establish perfect cooperation also with those for whom we will have the pleasure to work for the first time.

Our products are sewn from fabrics manufactured in European factories with a rich tradition (in Italy, Spain, Austria and others). For high-volume orders, we sew in certified factories in China, according to technologies developed in Italy and Spain, and with professional quality control.

In our production we use various types of silk (jacquard, twill, atlas, grenadine, chiffon), polyester and microfiber, cotton, wool (including cashmere), as well as viscose.

Our assortment includes ties, bow ties, cufflinks, wedding ties, ascots, cummerbunds, vests and other accessories. You can also order women’s scarves, scarves, pareos, bandanas and neckties. A part of our collection is presented on the website – Tiestore.pl.

Customer and quality are our priorities! That is why we guarantee:

– accurate and fast visualization of customer ideas

– fabrics in the highest quality

– order realization using the most modern technologies

– professional service and flexible deadlines

To place an order for advertising, company or individual products, please contact:


tel +48 607 615 844