On ties

Ties with a company logo are sewn from jacquard and printed fabrics and depending on the client’s preference from silk or polyester. As a trademark, you can use not only the logo itself, but also its parts or variations of colors, referring to your corporate colors.

Examples of possibilities:

– delicate logo, integrated into the fabric pattern

– a well visible logo, placed on the most exposed part of the tie

– logo, placed on the label or packaging

– ties made of fabrics in your company’s colors (possibly ties in one pattern or color, selected from the collection)

– Other, according to the client’s wishes – the only limitations are the technical capabilities of modern machines.

All neckties are made of the highest quality fabrics (100% silk, 100% microfiber, 100% polyester), manufactured in Spain, Italy, Austria or Germany, according to the latest weaving technology. We use metric printing technology or, in a more economical version, sublimation. There is also an option to manufacture products made of Teflon-coated material that protects them from dirt.


– Implementation of the project – up to 3 days

– Making a trial tie (after acceptance of the project by the client) – 2-4 weeks

– Implementation of the order (after approval of the trial tie) – 4-6 weeks